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Can I eat the egg yolk? Egg white omelets and other yolk-free recipes have become synonymous with “healthy” to many. But if you toss out your egg yolks, you’re also tossing out some of the most nutritious parts of the egg.

What is Methylation?

Want to know more about methylation and how this genetic snip could be affecting your life? Read this article by Dr. Kendal Stewart to learn more or call our office today!

There are so many do and do not's when it comes to eating. If you don't know where to begin to start a clean eating habit, you came to the perfect spot. Begin by adding these top 10 foods into your daily routine.

A chiropractor treats all of these spinal disorders: normal discs, degenerative disc, bulging disc, herniated disc, thinning disc, and degenerative disc with osteophytic changes. Today, we are going to explore the differences between disc bulge and disc herniation.

Here is a simple new year's resolution: Get YOUR spine checked. If our spine was as visible as our teeth, I think every single person would be getting their spine checked. The interesting thing is, if we can't see it, then it does not motivate us to do anything about it.

Are you suffering with acute or chronic low back pain? Do you often feel tightness or stiffness in your low back area? We have found that most of our patients with low back pain have trouble activating their glutes.

Low back pain is a very common complaint we see at Mindful Chiropractic and Wellness at our Irving/Las Colinas office. Many times patients come in complaining of sciatica, piriformis syndrome, disc bulges, and just overall chronic low back pain. Today we want to talk about 10 tips for improving low back pain- whether you are suffering from long term back pain, or acute sciatica, these things are proven to work with our patients.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Cardio Barre DFW/Southlake to host complimentary foam rolling classes after your workout. Come join us Sunday, November 8th at 2-3:30 for the Cardio Barre class, and then at 3:30pm for our foam rolling class!